Anna at Can Gall

photo by Gypsy Westwood


Anna Kathleen is an elder of Eivissa and the founder of Ibiza Ceremony.
While she no longer Celebrates Weddings, prefering to devote her time to her passion for herbal medicines, tinctures and other magic potions, she is still lovingly involved with the writing and consulting of our Personalised Wedding texts.
After many years happily marrying couples all over Ibiza, she has now passed on her legacy, whilst maintaining an important supporting role behind the scenes. 
Over the decades she has watched Eivissa grow and change, and through her thoughts, intentions, and actions helps to keep the magic of Eivissa alive. 
She is a practicing herbalist, growing medicinal plants, and preparing plant based medicines for practioners and clients, both here and abroad.
Anna Kathleen’s bond with, and respect, for the Earth is her driving motivation. 

Despite her roots in Ibiza, Anna Kathleen travels extensively - over forty countries to date. She finds spiritual fulfilment in visiting Earth’s sacred spaces -Santiago de Campostela, Machu Pichu, Sidi Harazem, Lourdes, Mount Shasta, Carthage, Angkor Wat and many others around this wonderful world.

Anna Kathleen believes that rites of passage such as Weddings, births and deaths are an important part what define our lives. If we imbue these events with our own meaning, we enrich our lives. Her talent in giving meaning to an act, however simple, allows her to enrich the lives of the people who seek her counsel.

Even though Anna Kathleen believes all Gods and Goddesses are metaphors for our Divinity, she is especially in love with Tanit, the ancient fertility Goddess of Ibiza.

These Wedding Ceremonies pull from mystical and historical imagery, and remain rooted in the power of Eivissa nature.  Anna’s Kathleen’s Ceremony texts point out beauty, Love and happiness as simple things that exist all around us, and within us, at all times.

Anna passes on her vast experience and knowledge to a wonderful team of Celebrants who speak a variety of languages and are conversant with many cultures. While she herself is still involved in all the writing of the bespoke Wedding Ceremony texts, her colleagues provide a choice that is useful and appreciated by clients around the world.

We all wish you great luck, and Great Love.

“We are of various faiths, languages and backgrounds here, but today we all share the language of the Heart, ….and we speak of the Unity of Love.”  (akb)

Whilst some of her knowledge has come from books, her main teachers are the wisdom and Lovingness of the plant world and Earth rhythms. Her Ceremony texts focus on those natural rhythms, in a gentle and light hearted way, offering a Ceremony that leaves people feeling happy and connected to the world around them.

Melchior Arnold is an experienced and Heart-felt Wedding Celebrant.
He was raised on Ibiza and has a profound connection to our island. While both French and American by nationality, he speaks Ibicenco fluently and knows of many of the Island's traditions and legends. After traveling around the world he has chosen Ibiza as his permanent residence, and exudes a natural Love and respect for the nature, and magic, that is Ibiza, and that is Life.

His own Marriage was in a beautiful ancient finca overlooking the sea in the north of the Island, Celebrated by his father.

Having lived and worked in India, Bolivia, Korea, Switzerland and Greece, as well as traveling extensively in Africa, Latin America and Asia, Melchior speaks 7 languages, and is of great help to our very international range of clients.

His father is a theologian and Wedding Celebrant and his mother a very spiritual person, who lives between Ibiza and India. His upbringing in this environment, and exposure to the varied religions, rituals and life principles of the world have made him a balanced and grounded person, focused on the Love people share.

Melchior Celebrating in German and Spanish  

His training as a Life Coach, Kinesiologist and in other modalities of inter-personal growth brings a depth and richness to his Ceremonies that goes beyond mere words, into deep feeling.

He is the founder of FootBallSmiles a non-profit organization that donates footballs to orphans in third world countries in person. In his spare time he coaches our local football team, adding to his understanding of people from a multi-faceted view point as well as keeping in shape!

Team work is an important aspect of life, and of Marriage, and Melchior brings all this into play in his work with crafting, and Celebrating Wedding Ceremonies.

Melchior at Es Vedra

Melchior officating a Wedding Ceremony in front of Es Vedra.
ibiza wedding ceremony
Anna Celebrating an Alternative Ibiza Wedding In the Country Side in the North.
Ibiza is most well known for its parties but it is also a beautiful, peaceful and magical place for Weddings. 
Sharon Loerzer



Sharon Loerzer is an experienced and enthusiastic Family Mentor. She has dedicated her life to encouraging and supporting people on their journey as couples, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, in-laws. Her conviction that Love is the basis of all Life, and that Family is the basis of all Society gives deep meaningfulness to her being a Wedding Celebrant.

Born on Ibiza and raised in both Ibiza and Canada, she has made this magical island her definitive home. Of Canadian and German descent, she speaks fluent Spanish, English and German. She has found beauty and stillness in other places, like Vancouver, Northern Ontario, Austria, Germany, however, Ibiza has always beeen her base. This is where she received her spiritual training in the Sa'Sen Yin School, an experience that led directly to her blossoming as a family therapist. 

 Her passion for healing and family health is her way of giving back to the rich and colourful society that makes Ibiza the amazing place it is. She herself has three grown daughters and three grandaughters all raised in the multicultural environment of Ibiza. Much of her knowledge comes from hands-on experience. Having a large family keeps her on her toes and up-to-date on the current state of affairs in society.

She is the founder of The Centre for Family Evolution, and a highly trained Sa'Sen Yin therapist and homeopath with clients worldwide. Her work always focuses on going to the core, where our true values of Love, Respect, and Vitality lie.

Sharon feels deeply that all rites of passage, all precious moments in our lives, are sacred and made stronger by being witnessed. As a Wedding Celebrant she is honoured each time to be such a witness, and she imbues the ceremony with this sense of the uniqueness of the moment. Calm and focus come naturally to her, as does a great sense of the joy of the occasion!  

"We Rejoice!..."