By Paul L'Herrou

If your love is to grow and deepen,

you must find a way to move

with each other;

perhaps in a slow and graceful dance

(bare feet firmly feeling the ground),

a dance, that circles and tests

and learns

as it gradually moves closer

to that place

where you can each

pass through the other

and turn and embrace

without breaking

or losing any part of yourselves

but only to learn more of who you each are

by your touching,

to find that you are each whole

and individual and separate

yet, in the same instant,

one, joined as a whole

that does not blur the two individuals

as you dance.

The music is there

if you will listen hard,

through the static and noise of life,

and other tunes that fill your heads.

You are here,

marking time to the music.

The dance can only begin

if you will take the first (and hardest)